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 LEI2 Do I Know you Pista 1 by osorvilo


Chris:   Taxi!
Sam:    Yeah.
Chris:   989 Union Street, please.
Sam:    Sure. Wait, you're... the guy from the travel office.
Chris:   Pardon me?
Sam:    You came into our office last week... to I -Travel.
Chris:    Right, I did. You look familiar, too.
Sam:    Yeah, I work there part-time.
Chris:    Oh, right. Now I remember you... So you work at I-Travel and drive a taxi?
Sam:     Yeah, I have 2 part-time jobs.
Chris:    Wow, 2 jobs. Sound busy.
Sam:    So... how was your trip?
Chris:    My trip to New York? Fine.
Sam:    Do you travel often?
Chris:    Yeah, I have to travel for work.  I work for Silica Communications. I'm in sales.


Laura:    Hi
Luis:       Hi
Laura:    Are you busy?
Luis:       No, What's up?
Laura:    I'd like you to meet someone. Luis, this is Susan Wu. She's our new  proyect director for the Star One program. She's from Singapore.
Luis:       The new proyect director? Glad to meet you.
Susan:    Nice to meet you, too.
Laura:    Luis is very talented. He's a great guy to work with.
Luis:       Thanks, Laura.
Laura:     Susan has a lot of experience with the company. I'm sure you'll enjoy working with her.
Luis:        Yes, I'm looking forward to working with you.
Susan:    Same here, Luis.
Luis:        Which office will you be in?
Laura:     She'll be in the office across the hall.
Luis:        The corner office?
Laura:     Right.
Luis:        Oh, Oh, OK.  When will you be moving in?
Susan:    Tomorrow.
Luis:         So soon? Good! Well, please let me know if you need any help with anything.
Susan:     I appreciate that. Thanks.
Laura:      Well, sorry for the interruption.
Luis:        No problem. See you later.


Dispatcher:       Gray Taxi
Ana:                    Hi, I need a taxi
Dispatcher:       Just a second... OK... pick up... what's your address?
Ana:                    440 Battery Street, Silica Communications.
Dispatcher:       And where are you going?
   600 Bay Street, please.
Dispatcher:       OK... and what's your name?
Ana:                    Ana Pedroso.
Dispatcher:       Phone?
Ana:                    989-0227.
Dispatcher:       Ready now?
Ana:                    Mm-hmmm.
Dispatcher:       OK, somebody'll be there in about 5, 10 minutes.
Ana:                    Thanks, I'll be waiting out front.
Dispatcher:       OK, bye.