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Focus on Comprehension

Luis and Laura work at Globe Technologies in the U.S. Laura introduces Jiao to Luis.
Laura: Hello . . . Luis? Excuse me.
Luis: Oh, hi, Laura.
Laura: This is Jiao-Long Chow. He's from our office in Taipei. He's a designer.
Luis: Glad to meet you, Mr. Chow.
Jiao: Call me Jiao.
Laura: And this is Luis Mendez. Luis is a programmer.
Jiao: Good to meet you.
Luis: Is this your first trip here, Jiao?
Jiao: Yes, actually.
Luis: How do you like it?
Jiao: Oh, it's really nice here. The people, the downtown area, the's really nice.
Luis: Well, I'm glad you're enjoying yourself.
Jiao: Oh, thank you, Nice meeting you.
Luis:  Nice meeting too.
Laura: Thanks, Luis. Sorry to disturb you.
Luis: I'll see you around.
Meeting People

Track 3.  Laura is introducing Jiao to Luis.  Correct the underlined word in the script.


Luis:      Is this your first time here, Jiao?                         1.______

Jiao:      Yes, actually.

Luis:      How do you like it?

Jiao:      Oh, it's too nice here. The people,                        2.______

             the downtown area, the parks ... it's so nice.        3.______

Luis:      Well, I'm glad you're enjoying yourself.

Jiao:      Oh, thank you. Great meeting you.                      4.______

Luis:      Nice meeting you, too.

Laura:    Thanks, Luis. Sorry to bother you.                       5.______

Luis:      I'll see you later.                                                 6.______

03 Pista 3 by osorvilo

Use the Next words
Around    Really    Nice    Really    Disturb    Trip

 Listen to Track 4. Luis is Telephoning Jiao.  Put the lines in the correct order (1-7)

____  No problem
____  Can you send me the new design for Section 27?
____  How are you doing? How was your trip?
____  I appreciate it.
____  I need some information about the Star One                     program.
____ I'll email it to you
____ It was OK. You know, tiring

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